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Lesxi Symmetron café-bistro is located on the ground floor of the neoclassical building of the City Hall, in the city’s central square of Sparta,Lakonias .

Since 1910 was the main public meeting place , merchants, secular people. Kings , prime ministers , generals , businessmen, expatriates , enjoyed here lemonade or coffee . Through time the space was historic passage . The landmark of classic architecture became social reference point , everyday place of communication .

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Brunch με Pancakes

The morning pleasures

Start your day with a healthy breakfast

We use fresh and quality authentic Laconian Products


Our Coffee

Passion for  good espresso

All coffee secrets disclosed in variety Galerie. A selection of fine varieties of 100% Arabica, with unique spices aroma ,
citrus and flowers. For a trip to the world of taste.

Galerie Nadali
A tasteful vegetables risotto from our chefs

Culinary Adventure

Unique Mediterranean flavors and more

Dishes that create for our awarded Chef’s , fresh flavors , greek traditional recipes, varieties and dishes for individuals and groups

Sweet Alchemies

You can’t resist them

We have found the elixir of pleasure that lies in the playful taste that make the honey , yeast , chocolate , vanilla , cinnamon , fruit , nuts

Taste our sweets at the central square of sparti
Enjoy our cocktails

Our Night Pleasures

Everyone needs a hobby..
Ours is the cocktails!

By sunset you can choose our cocktails, to distinguish your wine through our cellar and enjoy a drink as appropriate.

Where to Find Us

Lesxi Symmetron café – bistro is located on the ground floor of the neoclassical building of the City Hall, at the central square of Sparta.

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