Since 1910

Lesxi Symmetron café-bistro is located on the ground floor of the neoclassical building of the City Hall, in the city’s central square. It is a building of special architectural and historical value, project architect of G. Katsaros, dating back to 1910, designed on the principles of neoclassical architecture. The characteristic symmetrical structure, top and side of the two-storey building and the central, multi commanding position on the main square and by extension to the linear arrangement of the modern city, were the elements – keys and the inspiration for the interior configuration and for the creation of new space identity.

Η κεντρική πλατεία της σπάρτης και η Λέσχη Σύμμετρον Cafe Bistro


The concepts of “Symmetry” and “Geometry” at the whole proposal for  the new name, Lesxi Symmetron Spartis. The idea for the new venue, the combination use of the café – bistro with such a multiplex our various events and exhibitions, was desire, which was based on our belief that a so central, historic passage of the city must evolve and attract a variety of uses and age groups.

The Venues

The design of Symmetron , proposes five “rooms” , creating sub – sections classified usability and hosting recreational activities , cultural and social events. The main ” room ” – where it is noted that in the original plans of the G. Katsaros , was the entrance for the entire building – home to enter the field , and the main use of coffee , while the other four , diametrically opposed and mutually , formed as a seating area and bistro ( south wing) , library and dining room (north wing) respectively .

Δωμάτειο αναψυχής κατάλληλο για οικογένειες της Λέσχης Σύμμετρον Bistro στην Σπάρτη
Εξωτερικά καθύσματα της Λέσχης Σύμμετρον Bistro στην Σπάρτη
Δωμάτειο φιλοξενίας δράσεων αναψυχής, πολιτισμού και κοινωνικών συναντήσεων
Εξωτερικά καθίσματα πάνω στην κεντρική Πλατεία της Σπάρτης
Ο κεντρικός χόρος της Λέσχης Σύμμετρον Bistro στην Σπάρτη

The Central Venue

Geometry and recreation

In the central area, the geometry prevails , and is dominated by four axially spaced columns, which are coated with ceramic blue raf tile, linear pattern ( in the tone of the external color palette of the building ) stressing so, the strength of the building and the central slot of the inner.